Virtual AI That Writes Almost Like Humans, Just a Little Better.

Fast, Cost-effective &Value-driven

Are you searching for an all-in-one solution that can write, edit, and translate content as quickly as a machine but with the sophistication of a human?

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Who writes better: a highly expert human or ChatGPT?

If we're talking quality and expertise - human.
If speed and cost-efficiency– ChatGPT.

We bet you don’t want to sacrifice quality just to get content faster, do you?

What if there's someone who follows just the same process as a human writer: research, structuring the information, and QA, but three times faster due to automation?

Meet Our Trio!

Meet our trio - Virtual Writer, Virtual Translator, and Virtual Editor - ready to show you how they create magic that impresses your audience and surpasses the human work.

What Our Virtual AI Solutions Offer

Our Virtual AI integrates three advanced AI tools that imitate the style of human writers but at three times the speed! They craft relevant & informative content, that captures the mind of your audience and proofreads to ensure error-free content.

Experience Faster, Smarter, and More Captivating Writing!

How do they do it?

Financing Management

Comprehensive research to identify the best articles available

Just like a human would do a research, Our AI tool does thorough research by looking through the web for top-quality content. Based on this research, we pick only the best content pieces that have valuable information. This ensures that the article you get from us is packed with relevant knowledge.


Pre-developed instructions and templates

Using our pre-developed processes and highly specific instructions, we improve standardized ChatGPT's capabilities to produce up-to-3000-word content that is informative, rather than being generally vague like standard ChatGPT outputs.

Creative Strategy

Keeping Your Reader Engaged

We go beyond just AI writing but ensure that every word captures attention. Unlike standard  AI tools, our system dives deeper, mimicking the careful touch of a human writer throughout the whole copy. We start with a captivating introduction, weave context-aware content in the middle, and wrap it up with a compelling conclusion. This process ensures that your reader remains hooked from start to finish.

Software Development

QA Robots

Finally, after your copy is written, our QA Bots scans the text multiple times until the version is refined. We meticulously review every detail, ensuring we achieve an outcome that surpasses any human or AI solution.

As for the result, you get an Informative, long-form content that is produced under an hour!

Why Use Our Virtual AI Writers and Editors?

We aren't just another content agency; and we aren’t a generic AI tool. We've harnessed the power of AI to deliver efficient, cost-effective, and superior content solutions while maintaining a personal touch. Say goodbye to the limitations of human-generated content and welcome a future where quality meets efficiency.

Our Virtual Writers & Editors vs. Human vs. Other AI Tools


Virtual AI Writers & Editors


Other AI Tools


Minutes to Hours


Hours to Days


98%+ (Machine Precision)

Varies depending on an expert

90-95% (Misses Nuances)


Fixed, Affordable Rates

Variable & Often More Expensive

Lower rates in the market, but often with hidden costs such as subscription fees, premium feature charges, or usage limits


Instant & Unlimited

Limited by manpower

Moderate, often limited in word count


Adaptive & Learning Algorithms

Inconsistent, based on individual effort

Limited to predefined settings



Business Hours

Mostly 24/7

Global Adaptability

Fluent in 20+ languages

Limited by language

Mostly limited to only English

Data Security

Advanced Encryption & Secure Practices

Varies by individual/

Varies, some may lack robust security


High, Tailored to Client Needs

Moderate, depends on individual

Moderate, often rigid in setup


Machine-driven, Highly Consistent

Prone to variations & human errors

Mostly consistent, but may miss nuances

Continuous Learning

Always evolving with data inputs

Requires ongoing training & resources

Limited, depends on updates & iterations

Long-form Content

Easily handles 3000 word articles

Can produce long-term content in own pace

Offer limited in the  amount of words

How Easy It Is to Work with Us

In just a few clicks, access our Virtual Writers, Editors & Translators tailored to your unique content needs. No more extended negotiations or back-and-forth. Straightforward, efficient, and user-friendly.


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Our Transparent and Simple Process

Experience true Magic – Our streamlined Content Platform

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Step 1: Define Your Project

Start your journey with us by selecting your desired project type.

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Step 2: Personalize Your Project

Name your project, and select your preferred language, making it truly yours.

Step 3: Upload and Comment

Upload the necessary files and feel free to leave us any specific guidance or thoughts in the comment section.

Step 4: Select, Pay and Progress

Select your plan, complete the payment, and prepare to receive superior content ready for your audience.

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Our Featured Services

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01. Virtual AI Editor

For Polished, Error-Free Content.

Your content deserves to accurately reflect your brand. How do we accomplish this?

Through training our AI model with precise instructions, we get a high-quality output from the start. But we go beyond that. As a final touch, our QA bots thoroughly review your copy multiple times to make sure it’s flawless and has the power to make you stand out.

Our Virtual AI Editor is here to polish the tone, clarity, and consistency, transforming your content into a polished masterpiece that's ready for instant publishing.

02. Virtual AI Content Writer

Create Compelling Content from Scratch.

With our Virtual AI Content Writer, you can be sure to receive top-notch content that's ready to impress your audience. How do we do it?

Our system dives into a vast database of high-quality writings, analyzing the nuances that make content engaging. From there, our Virtual AI Content Writer crafts unique pieces tailored to your needs.

You'll receive top-notch content, deeply researched and crafted to resonate with your audience.

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03. Virtual AI Translator

Break Language Barriers with Accurate Translations.

Ever thought about how annoying it is to adapt words that can't be directly translated into a target language?

Unlike traditional tools like DeepL that can sometimes sound mechanical, our Virtual AI Translator understands the important parts of language.

It doesn't just do a word-for-word translation. Instead, it captures the context, idioms, and nuances, ensuring the output feels like it was originally written in the target language. It’s a blend of precision and natural flow, outperforming even the best machine translations.

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What Do You Get Working with Us?

Top-tier Quality Content
With our advanced algorithms for both writing and comprehensive research, we deliver content that's on par with the best human writers and superior to many AI tools. Each piece shines with clarity and professionalism, setting us apart.
Efficient and Fast Turnaround Times
Our Virtual AI Content Writers make things faster. They help get high-quality content to you quickly so you can meet your deadlines in today's fast digital world.
Consistent and Error-Free Results
Our AI algorithms focus on precision, ensuring every article maintains a consistent quality and tone. This means you can confidently present your content, free from inconsistencies or overlooked errors.
Whether you're a small startup needing a few pieces of content or a big company needing a lot every day, our Virtual AI Content Writers can easily handle any amount you need.
A Cost-effective Solution
High-quality doesn’t mean high-cost. Benefit from top-notch content without the hefty price tag. Save your resources while still getting outstanding results.

Who Can Benefit From Our Virtual AI Editors, Writers & Translators?

Our encompassing Virtual AI Editors, Virtual Content Writers, and Virtual AI Translators, offer a revolution in content creation, editing, and translation. They are designed for various industries to make sure they work well and produce high-quality results for each one.

Digital Marketing Firms

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, content needs to be crisp, relevant, and timely. With our Virtual AI Editors, Content Writers & Translators, digital marketing firms can create captivating campaigns, edit them to perfection, and reach a global audience by breaking language barriers — all faster than a traditional content solution.

Global Corporations

For businesses with a vast global footprint, consistency in communication is key. Our Virtual AI Editors, Content Writers & Translators help in generating brand-consistent content, refining it, and translating it for various markets, ensuring unified brand messaging worldwide.

Freelancers and Independent Creators

From independent bloggers to eBook authors, our Virtual AI Editors, Content Writers & Translators make content creation seamless. Draft compelling articles, refine drafts to perfection, and reach global audiences with apt translations. Turn your ideas into global masterpieces.

SEO Specialists

In the world of search engine optimization, content is pivotal. SEO specialists can utilize our Virtual AI Content Writers for vast volumes of SEO-friendly content. Provide your targeted keywords, and our AI will craft engaging content optimized for search.

Non-Profit Organizations

For NGOs operating on a global scale, communicating effectively is crucial. Whether it's fundraising campaigns, global reports, or community updates, our Virtual AI Editors, Content Writers & Translators guarantee that your noble message is clear, compelling, and understood worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions