AI that Writes Like a Human: Get Content that Ranks and Converts Consistently

For marketers who believe in the power of quality content, our solution offers a unique blend of human-like writing, personalized content, conversion-driven strategies, research-based insights, and real-time up-to-date information.

Superior Writing Quality Experience a higher quality of AI writing than plain ChatGPT or writers you hire.

Real-Time Data Access Our tool scans the web for up-to-date information, including data from just yesterday.

Research-Based Approach Gathering the most relevant information on the topics to create informative articles.

Why Choose Our Content Marketing Solution?

Human Like Quality

Our Virtual AI Writers go through the exact same steps as a human content writer would. With more than 20 internal AI processes, including pre-trained prompts, real-time data research, writing, editing, proofreading, and quality assurance, you get content that is SEO-friendly with the same high quality that a human expert would write, but without taking up your time or resources.

Personalized content

Our AI integrates you into your content. Our tool scans your website, understands what you do, and inserts that into the text we write. This way, you stand out from the crowd and increase your brand recognition and perception as an industry expert and thought leader.

Conversion Driven

The Content created by our AI helps present you as the solution for the problem users were searching for. By integrating your solutions into the content, readers see you as a trusted source and are more likely to become your customers.

Research Based

Our content is based on thorough research, so it's filled with quality information and doesn’t feel as empty as with ChatGPT. Instead, it gives readers the detailed, trustworthy information they are looking for and helps your content rank better.

Real Time, Up to Date Information

By having access to the latest industry events that occurred just yesterday, you can share relevant industry news more quickly than your competitors. This away you outperform them and establish yourself as an expert among your readers.

More Languages Than Just English

Need high-quality content in languages other than English? Unlike most AI that provide texts only in English, we write in over 20 languages using creative, professional and correct language.

How Our Real-Time Content Marketing Solution Stands Apart from Plain ChatGPT

Informative Writing

Our writing strikes the perfect balance-informative yet concise, ensuring value without overwhelming details. We provide

  • Fact-checked statistics.
  • No repetitions.
  • Includes the latest information.

Human Like Writing Style

We deliver a conversational tone that resonates with readers, featuring

  • A compelling hook in the introduction to engage your audience immediately.
  • Short and varied sentences to enhance readability and maintain engagement.
  • Emotional touches that add depth and appeal to your content on a more personal level.

Easy To Read Structure

We deliver a conversational tone that resonates with readers, featuring

  • The use of bullet points and steps where necessary for clarity and ease of understanding.
  • Clear examples that illuminate and relate, enhancing the connection with your audience.
  • Smooth transitions and a logical sequence that keep readers moving effortlessly from one thought to the next.

How we make sure our Content Marketing Solution gives you the highest-quality output

Monitoring your website and suggesting trendy topics

Our custom-built software scans your existing website to find content ideas that are relevant to your business, whether it's a timeless topic or recent news that just happened yesterday. This not only helps us understand your business better but also pinpoints gaps you haven't yet covered. While we prioritize topics that remain relevant over time, we also ensure you benefit from fresh, up-to-date content ideas with less competition. The result? A balanced content strategy that gives you a distinct edge in the market.

Searching the most informative content pieces in real time

Once you pick the topics and sign up, our program scans the web to find the most informative and up-to-date content pieces on those topics and gather data for your future article for the best information on those topics. This helps make sure your article has the latest info and can rank well.

Writing the articles

When the topics are chosen and the research is done, our Virtual AI Writers use the information, just like the real writers to produce high-quality, SEO-optimized content. You can also input your own topics if you know what you want to write about.

How It Works

Get high-quality, human-like articles with Magic by The Happy Beavers—no expertise needed, just sign up and receive content quickly at a fraction of the cost.

Step 1: Sign-Up

Enter Your Domain
Kickstart your journey by simply entering your domain name and email address. Sit back and relax while our system tailors your account with personalized data, ensuring a bespoke content strategy that fits your brand.

Step 2: Topic Discovery

Welcome Aboard Email
You’ll receive an email that grants you access to your new topic suggestions.

Step 3: Trial & Subscription Package

Select a Package
You’ll get a free trial of our superior human like content and after that, you can choose a package that fits your content needs. In the end, you'll get up-to-date, personalized content that sounds human, sourced from the most informative topic on the web which will effortlessly drive more conversion for your business.

Embrace the Unmatched Quality
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Website scan, content analysis and topic suggestions based on your website content

Website scan, content analysis and topic suggestions based on your website content

Website scan, content analysis and topic suggestions based on your website content

Website scan, content analysis and topic suggestions based on your website content

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Price: 329€

Price: 499€

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Seamless Integrations

Easily handle publishing with The Happy Beavers’ seamless integrations.

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