Step by step

Why exactly is our content better than what you get out of ChatGPT yourself? --

Yes, we get it – ChatGPT is free and it will write for you anything you ask. Read on and we’ll explain you why we do something that you can’t do yourself so easily.

steps We Follow To Create High Quality Content

Create Your Own Software

1. Research – looking for the most informative articles on the web

Fast & Efficient: Our self-programmed AI bot searches the whole internet and reads relevant content in the first 2 minutes. That’s definitely faster than any content writer you hire.

Relevance: Our bot finds the most recent and high-quality articles on any given topic, even from yesterday. It understands who is the smartest out there and picks up that content.

Tools Used: Self-Programmed Proprietary AI Bot that searches the internet independently, evaluates resources and fact-checks

2. Writing – creating an article based on data

Detailed Process: Other AI content tools out there are merely a frontend for ChatGPT. When you look at their texts, you can see that. Boring! We have crafted a 20-step process for every article, where every text undergoes a rigorous process of self-evaluation and correction.

The best writing prompts on the market: You think you can beat us at prompting? Good luck. Our prompts are hundreds of words long each and tested thousands of times with state-of-the-art industry software. We don’t use text templates. We have trained our AI model how to be really creative every single time.

Expertise: Our AI model learned to judge. For any topic you give it, it can understand what the best-written piece of text out there is and strive to be better. Yes, it can beat itself as well over time ensuring that we always stay on top of the market.

Create Your Own Software
Create Your Own Software

3. Quality Assurance – iterating as many times as needed

Precision: Multiple QA bots scan the text in the end for grammar, sentence structure, repetitions, and more, ensuring that our content is really accurate and sounds like human. Oh, and it mostly will pass AI detection tools.

Tailored to You: You don’t want to post generic articles about any topic on your website. We get it. That’s why we carefully integrate your business into the text in the end positioning you as an expert which will ensure conversion.

Tools Used: Customized combination of three Large Language Models that interact with each other during the quality assurance process

When the steps are completed, you get:

Informative Writing

  • High-quality writing that provides value but in an easy manner and without too many extra details.
  • Fact-checked statistics from reliable sources on the web that will add credibility to your content
  • Up-to-date information on a chosen topic is extracted from the relevant articles on the web to keep your content relevant and valuable for the readers
  • Adding new information to actually make your content full of valuable insights on the topic, instead of packing it with buzzwords that do not have much meaning
  • Up-to-date information on a chosen topic is extracted from the relevant articles on the web to keep your content relevant and valuable for the readers
  • Unique Insights and Interesting facts that not only pique readers' interest but also set your content apart from others.

Human-Like Style of Writing

  • Conversational tone that makes your content more relatable and human, without sounding sound too formal or robotic.
  • Good hook for introduction that draws readers in and encourages them to continue reading.
  • Short and varied sentences to make the content more readable and engaging.
  • Emotions to make your content human and appeal on a deeper level

Easy-To-Read Structure

  • A headline at the top to grab your reader attention and give an informative but concise summary
  • Bullet points and steps, if needed to make information easier to digest and follow.
  • Practical tips or advice that provides direct value to your readers.
  • Good section headlines that guide readers through the text and highlight key points.
  • Clear Examples to illustrate points more clearly and make the content more relatable.
  • Smooth transitions and logical structure that helps maintain the flow and lead your reader from one line to the other. Just like on a slippery slide, they won’t be able to stop!
  • Localizing your content and tailoring it to suit your local audiences. This way, your content will be more appealing and relevant