How Content Writing Outsourcing Can Help Your Technology Business Grow

Published By
Alina Olkhovska
Published On
September 1, 2023

Is content outsourcing a good idea for a technology company? The answer is a resounding “yes.” More than any other industry, technology requires a specialized and highly customized service. Firstly, its innovative and continuously evolving nature requires constant updates. Moreover, the sales process is complex, and the buyer persona can differ greatly from the end user. This poses at least two challenges when looking to create effective content. Content writers active in the technology sector should ensure the quality and continuity of content as well as be able to adapt the message to different audiences.

Technology companies and content marketing: a winning combination

Content marketing is a natural solution for enhancing marketing within a technology company. It is a direct action, focused on the target audience and fast delivery. In addition, it is known that the buying process for technology products is not impulsive. The process is usually preceded by a search for information and a comparison of alternatives. In this, the Internet is the ideal channel to find answers at all times.

This makes having a web presence imperative which has been long understood by the main players in the industry. Consequently, we are talking about a very competitive sector. To stand out and effectively reach your audience, your content should make use of SEO best practices. Your chances of ranking high in search results increase substantially when you engage an expert content writing service.

Additionally, the business focus of many technology companies is B2B. This can make the process somewhat complex, as it is rarely the end consumer who is responsible for the purchase. Decision making progresses slower in the technology industry, so it is thus necessary to offer content adapted to each role and buying stage. In fact, according to a survey by the Content Marketing Institute, this is the number one challenge for technology content marketers.

Is your technology company’s content marketing effective?

Without a doubt, results are the best indicator of the need to optimize a content marketing plan. However, if your expectations are unrealistic or the metrics you use are inadequate, you may have a skewed perspective. The following are some useful questions to help you gauge the situation accurately. Answering them honestly will put you in a better position for creating suitable content:

  • Are the pieces of content sufficient?
  • Are they of high quality?
  • Does the performance of the parts confirm this?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Does this reflect the buyer persona profile?
  • Can the message be repackaged in other formats?
  • Is the content reusable? Is it up to date?
  • Can this be linked to other content of yours?
  • Are there links to external authority sites?
  • Are the content marketing results measurable?
  • What metrics are being applied?
  • Are they adequate or sufficient?
  • What kind of data are collected?

This self-assessment can be enlightening, as it provides direction in opportunities for improvement. You may find, for example, that the content is of high quality, but it’s not targeted to the audience. Often, tech companies delegate content creation to experts on their own team. While they are knowledgeable about the subject matter, they may find it difficult to create engaging and easy-to-read messages.

Technology is a field of continuous learning, and companies in this sector must take on the task of a pedagogical role model. The content must have the ability to accompany the potential customer throughout their learning journey. This is the best method to providing guidance to buyers making purchase decisions. At the same time, a tech company will be able to establish itself as an authority and become a benchmark, building loyalty with existing customers.

Remember: the main criterion for determining the quality of a content piece is the value it brings to the target audience.

How do technology companies benefit from outsourcing content writing?

But how can content writing outsourcing overcome these barriers? Skilled content writers are expert marketers, who can detect the needs of the audience. Moreover, they have gathered personal experiences in learning the benefits and processes of content writing and can explain it step by step.

Likewise, content writing services offer accessible solutions that increase the profitability of a digital marketing plan. All of this is evidenced by five key benefits:

1. Resource optimization

Generally, when a person in your team is responsible for creating content, they must combine this activity with other tasks. Priorities can conflict, as time is a finite resource. Faced with this dilemma, the balance often tips in favour of tasks that are urgent or inherent to their position. As a result, writing content is then put aside for a time, and the relevant timeliness of the publications and the necessity for regular updates are lost.

Furthermore, digital marketing is not a supplementary activity. On the contrary, it is key to business growth. Outsourcing content keeps all operative wheels turning. In this case, it is advisable to adhere to the age-old adage: stick to what you know best.

A content writing service allows you to channel your resources efficiently, thereby freeing your staff from additional workloads. At the same time, it ensures the coherence and continuity of the digital marketing plan.

2. Expert and flexible solutions

There is no question that specialization and proper distribution of tasks bring about better digital marketing results. But why not create an internal team? This is a common question, and the answer depends on the individual situations. However, the cost of a fixed contract is usually much higher than that of employing an external service.

This is particularly the case as outsourcing content creation will render exactly the help you need. The scope of services as well as their intensity and frequency can be adjusted to varied workloads. Moreover, in hiring a service for all your content writing needs, you will reduce learning curves and have an expert team at your continual disposal from day one.

3. New, unbiased perspectives

When we are too close to an issue, we can often lose sight of many nuances. In such cases, it is necessary to bring in a new perspective. Someone looking at things from the outside in can reveal new aspects. This also applies to content marketing. Ideas have more than one possible development. It is essential to tailor the message to the target audience and look for connections to topics or situations that are familiar to them.

Thus, supplementing the in-house perspective and values with the knowledge and points of view of people outside the company to your strategy can be enriching. They will bring new approaches and creativity into the dynamic to deliver meaningful, coherent and original content.

4. Universally understood translation of technical data into content

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but its jargon often presents us with difficulties. Technical explanations are complex and may deter a potential first-time buyer. Specialized terminology is useful and necessary in certain fields and for very precise purposes. However, for marketing purposes, it is necessary to translate these concepts into content that can be absorbed by a wider audience. Keep in mind that B2B buyers are not always experts in their own right.

Content creation is about effectively delivering a message that expresses the idea in a language easily understood by the audience. Content writing services are able to turn cold, hard data into compelling and relevant information. They focus on answering the potential customer’s questions, identifying their needs and being accessible on their interaction channels.

5. Ensure consistency and frequency

Content creation cannot be understood as an intermittent activity. In addition to ensuring the regularity and frequency of messages, it must also reflect their usefulness and consistency. The content must respond to an integral plan that promotes the interrelation between different pieces. It’s about creating a story where each element complements others, adds value and contributes to the creation of a more complete meaning.

The potential customer must be guided through the content flow towards the objective of the digital marketing action. It can be an actual purchase or a demo request. Each company and each technological product have its own processes.

Content writing outsourcing services do not simply write about a topic. They frame it in a strategy. Consequently, the quality of content is measured by:

  • The veracity of the information
  • Matching the language to the audience
  • Correct grammar
  • The relevance and value inherent to the content
  • The ability to link with other parts

The content creation cycle

When content meets the prerequisites, it can be linked to real and measurable objectives. Otherwise, it becomes a narrative exercise with no demonstrable impact on the organization’s goals. A content marketing plan is a systematic model with a clear and measurable purpose.

To fulfil this, it is essential to implement criteria of relevance and authenticity. These are the main indicators that search engines evaluate when ranking the results. Although these rules are clear, it is not enough to follow the instructions. You need to be inventive and create content that engages your audience and encourages interaction.

It is a dynamic that produces results and grows continuously. Therefore, these are not static or isolated pieces. Content must be continually updated and linked to new information, whether from your company or from third parties. In this way, a brand can become a trusted and credible source and gain authority.

Why frequency is important in content marketing

The speed of technological innovations favours the constant creation of new content, but even during the development phases it is vital to avoid silence. The conversation with the audience must be kept alive. Don’t forget that, in content marketing, more frequent quality posts equals more web traffic. Moreover, the more people your site attracts, the more likely they are to convert.

How content writing outsourcing contributes to the growth of technology business

Content marketing must align with the sales funnel. That is, it should accompany the potential customer from the moment they identify a need until they make a purchase. Therefore, specific content should be created for each stage. The message varies not only in depth and orientation but can also change its format. Understanding this is the first step to developing a successful content marketing plan.

Knowing who your potential buyer is, where they are and what they are looking for may seem like a complex task. This is only the beginning! This “knowledge” must be accompanied by a strategy focused on satisfying the buyer persona’s needs at all times.

The sales funnel and content marketing

Before purchasing, the customer needs information. This is the function of content marketing. It is necessary to offer relevant content that will engage your target audience and keep them interested in your proposition. B2B companies, in particular, have difficulty defining their sales funnel. This is usually longer than B2C sales and merits additional considerations.

Among other things, it can be more difficult for the buyer persona to define the situation or need, especially if the end user is not the buyer. Then you will have to choose from a wide range of offers. At first glance, these offer similar or equivalent solutions. The buyer must also mediate between the interests of different departments (finance and IT, for example) and seek a balance. As you can see, there are added angles, so the goal of content should be to simplify the decision.

Why content writing outsourcing is profitable

Content writing outsourcing will give you access to strategic and operational resources to address each phase, from improving your search engine rankings to obtaining and nurturing leads that convert into customers. With continuous interaction, these customers can create a loyal audience who will become natural recommenders of your brand. These are quantifiable results which translate into sales and, therefore, business growth.