10 Best SEO Content Writing Services

Published By
Alina Olkhovska
Published On
September 1, 2023

Well-written SEO website content is one of the most effective ways to receive better SERP rankings and increase lead conversions. Reports have shown that, in fact, SEO content is 1000% more effective than organic social media posts. Although many can write SEO content, it is often advisable to seek expertise to ensure the success of your project and see that your money and efforts are invested appropriately.

Indeed, it is not easy to hire and brief a team of in-house writers, so many businesses choose to at least partly outsource this process to a professional SEO content writing services provider. From understanding your brand’s voice to implementing an individual content strategy, these providers can be true partners in your long-term process as well as offer one-time pieces of content on-demand. But how do you choose the best provider from a sea of similar offers on the market?

Below, we have listed the ten best SEO content writing services for 2022.

The Happy Beavers

The Happy Beavers offers SEO content writing services designed to meet the needs of businesses seeking affordable content writing services at scale. Each content piece of copywriting is carefully checked using a thorough quality control process to ensure that an order reflects the customer’s style, voice and subject. With their network of multilingual and international writers and experienced content managers, they provide the perfect solution for anyone looking to scale their website content quickly and effectively.


The Happy Beavers offer competitive rates that are suitable to any budget and business. There are three main pricing solutions as well as the option of a customized package:

Scribe: A minimum of €0.05 per word for link-building projects and SEO content.

Storytelling: A minimum of €0.09 per word for blog posts, website content, product description, newsletter content and more designed to generate traffic and higher SERP ranks.

Wordsmith: A minimum of €0.13 per word for in-depth expert blogs and articles, technical product descriptions or case studies.

Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a platform that provides their customers with SEO content writing services from a pool of more than 6,000 freelance writers. Via a gamified interface and writing system, copywriters receive rewards for exceptionally fast or especially high-quality content. A rating system is designed to help customers efficiently find the right talent for their project.

The disadvantage with this platform is that you cannot personally choose the copywriter, making it difficult to receive consistent content for your brand over a longer period of time.


Crowd Content’s Marketing Package offers a per-word-rate, starting at $0.03 per word for content requiring less research and going up to $0.139 /word for in-depth content.

Customers can request an individual pricing solution when ordering the Managed Services package.


ContentWriters offers on-demand SEO writing services. Customers choosing the Self-Service option are asked to fill out a rather simple form about their copywriting needs. They will then be assigned a writer who can complete the task in the requested timeframe.

A standout feature of this platform is the offer of unlimited revision requests. A disadvantage here is, however, that customers cannot choose their writer, which means a certain loss of control.


ContentWriters offers fixed rates per piece.

The Self-Service option starts at $99 per piece.

The Managed Services package is custom-priced.

The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is a platform for SEO content writing services. These services are performed by professional ghostwriters and creatives. Customers can contact freelancers from a pool of more than 1,000 candidates, making this platform suitable for finding experts in more niche subjects. However, this also means that you will have to expend greater effort before and during the communication and management processes.


The prices at The Urban Writers vary depending on the type, length and depth of the content.

SEO copywriting and article packages can cost $6.05 per 100 words for an order of one article but will cost only $5.85 per 100 words in a bundle of 30 articles.


Brafton is a creative content marketing agency offering SEO content writing services as well as video services, graphic design and strategic marketing advice suited to any kind of project and business. They work strictly with their in-house writers, ensuring a very personal and customized approach to producing high-quality content. This also means that this is not the most suitable service for on-demand content.


Brafton does not offer fixed prices. Rather, their prices are based on their customers’ business size, needs and expectations.


Compose.ly connects businesses or individuals with freelancers providing SEO content writing services. Customers can order content of any type, with the option of receiving free samples upfront. However, there is no guarantee that you can always work with the same writer for long-term projects. Moreover, compared to other platforms, it is not the cheapest solution.


Compose.ly offers two different pricing options:

Self-Service Marketplace: Depending on the type of content and its length, prices start at $30 for a 200-word product description or at $75 for a 500-word blog post.

Managed Content Services: Prices start at $999 per month.


Animalz specializes in SEO content writing services for startups, VC firms and enterprises. Their services include creating website content for brand awareness, assistance with lead generation and SERP improvement as well as consulting and product marketing. They keep their production in-house, which helps develop a brand’s voice and strategy in a personal environment. However, this platform is less suitable for small one-time projects that require quick turnaround.


Animalz does not offer fixed prices. Instead, they encourage customers to contact them personally for an initial offer based on their individual project and needs.


Article-Writing.co offers SEO content writing services from North American veteran writers. Apart from copywriting, these include customized strategic advice and development for businesses of any size which can be ordered in different packages and created by a dedicated team of in-house industry experts.


Pricing depends on the customers’ projects and needs.


Contentfly delivers various types of on-demand SEO content writing services by professional writers. Orders can be made easily on the platform’s dashboard. The editorial team will usually respond within five business days to complete an order of 1,000 words. While it is not possible to choose a writer yourself, you can mark a writer who did a great job as your “preferred writer.”


Customers can order content with fixed prices starting at $0.10/word for 300-word articles. Articles with over 200,000 words cost $0.08/word.


Upwork offers freelance talent in all types of fields, including copywriting and SEO content writing services. You can choose from a vast pool of writers. Although this provides you with more freedom of choice, it can be time-consuming and ineffective, especially if you are not sure what you’re looking for. Be aware that the platform includes various filters such as experience, hourly rates and language.


The prices for a project are negotiated with the freelancer, which is usually based on an hourly rate or a fixed price.