Ukrainian: The second most melodic language in the world

As the 26th most spoken language in the world, the Ukrainian language has 37 million native speakers. In addition, more than 15 million people speak Ukrainian as a second language. With more than 256,000 words, this is also one of the most interesting and extensive languages in the world.


3 interesting facts about the Ukrainian language

As a part of the East Slavic subgroup of Slavic languages, its closest relatives are the Belarusian and Polish languages.
Ukrainians struggle with "g" and "h" in Latin because of their "Г" letter, which sounds like both.
The Ukrainian language has more than 5 million synonyms. For example, there are 12 synonyms for horizon.

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Origin of the language

Ukrainian is a language with a rich history. The modern Ukrainian language has three different dialects: the northern, the southeastern, and the southwestern. Ukrainian originates from Old East Slavic. This language was widely spoken in Eastern Europe during the Early Middle Ages. The first "Азбука" or Ukrainian ABC book was edited by Ivan Fedorov and printed in Lviv in 1574.


History of the language

The Old East Slavic era was the beginning of a very interesting Ukrainian history. Scholars claim that the Ukrainian language is the oldest of all living Slavic languages, originating from the Old East Slavic language. Over time, Ukrainian was influenced by the languages of many other countries such as Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Germany, and Turkey. By the end of the 19th century, modern Ukrainian was already the second most popular language in the Russian Empire.

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Learning the language

It takes 1,100 hours to learn Ukrainian as an English speaker.

How to say 10 popular words and phrases in the Ukrainian language

Modern Ukrainian shares some commonalities with its closest relatives, Russian and Belarusian, and fewer with its more distant cousins, such as Polish and Czech. If you need content writing in Ukrainian, you might need a professional to help you out!

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fun facts

Fun facts about the Ukrainian language

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A Ukrainian language holiday

The Ukrainian language has its own holiday. On November 9, The Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language is celebrated.


The longest word

The longest word in the Ukrainian language has 30 letters. The word “dihlordifeniltrihlormetilmetan” is the name of a chemical used for pest control.

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The rarity of F

The least used letter of the official Ukrainian alphabet is “F”, according to linguistic statistics.


Word Of Wisdom!

Happy is the one who achieved the happy life. The happier one is the one who is able to make use of it.

Grigory Skovoroda

Philosopher, poet, and teacher


Word Of Wisdom!

Being around the masters of their work is somehow easier. They’re like Atlas, holding skies on their shoulders. Because of that, heights exist.

Lina Kostenko

Poet and writer


Word Of Wisdom!

Thinking well about virtues still doesn’t mean having them.

Kostyantyn Ushinsky

Teacher and writer

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