Portuguese: The fastest growing European language after English

As a Romance language that extended its reach across the globe in the era of exploration, the Portuguese language is spoken in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. Currently, it is the fastest-growing language globally with about 215 million native speakers. It has also influenced English and other Western languages although it took in its own share of influences during the Middle Ages.


3 interesting facts about the Portuguese language

There are over 10 million native Portuguese speakers in Portugal and over 187 million in Brazil.
Portuguese is also mutually intelligible with Spanish, although both languages vary in grammar and vocabulary.
It is the sixth most spoken language and the third most spoken European language in the world.

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Origin of the language

The origin of the Portuguese language stretches back to the 9th century, when Germanic, Celtic, and Latin languages, under the influence of Arabic and other local and foreign dialects, were spoken by the occupants of the Iberian Peninsula. The primary parent language from which Portuguese evolved is believed to be the Vulgar Latin variant used by inhabitants of the region at the time.

The first literary records of written Portuguese date from the 12th century. Today, a standardized version of the language is spoken officially in Portugal and other nations, such as Mozambique, Angola, and Brazil, among others.


History of the language

A rich, complex history surrounds the Portuguese language since its creation in the 9th century. Following its use in written records during the 12th century, the language, under the influence of the Celtic, Germanic, and Arabic languages, began a new phase.

However, when the Portuguese empire bloomed through exploration and colonization in the 15th and 16th centuries, the need for a standard form became necessary. This variant would come to be known as Classical Portuguese until further urbanization and modernization occurred in the 19th and 20th centuries, influencing Portugal, its culture, and colonies throughout the world.

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Learning the language

It takes 600 hours to learn Portuguese as an English speaker.

How to say 5 popular words and phrases in the Portuguese language

There are a few words and phrases that can be learned quickly as in introduction to Portuguese. However, if you need content writing in Portuguese, you might need a professional to help you out!

Popular Words







Por favor

Good morning

Bom dia

Thank You

Obrigado (Obrigada for female)

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fun facts

Fun facts about the Portuguese language

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The fastest-growing language

Portuguese is believed to be the fastest-growing European language in the world after English. This is due to the constantly growing population of Brazil.


São Paulo and Portuguese

Only 5% of the world’s Portuguese speakers reside in Portugal. The majority reside in Brazil while others are found in other countries in Africa and South America. The city of São Paulo has the highest number of Portuguese speakers in the world.

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The longest word

The longest Portuguese word has 29 letters: anticonstitucionalíssimamente. It means to do something in an unorthodox way.


Word Of Wisdom!

Cross the meadow and the stream and listen as the peaceful water brings peace onto your soul.

Maximillian Degenerez



Word Of Wisdom!

Talent without working hard is nothing.

Christiano Ronaldo



Word Of Wisdom!

Look, there's no metaphysics on earth like chocolates.

Fernando Pessoa


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