Lithuanian: The oldest European language still spoken today

Lithuanian is the oldest of all the Indo-European languages that is still spoken to this day and has changed the least. Lithuanian belongs to the Baltic language group and has many similarities with its sister Slavic languages.


3 interesting facts about the Lithuanian language

The Lithuanian letters sound similar to their English equivalents but need to be stretched longer during pronunciation.
The Lithuanian language uses the Latin alphabet, but, in comparison to English, Lithuanian has 9 unique letters and has dropped the letters (w, x and q).
Lithuanian endings are attached to foreign names. For example, Tom is called Tomas and Bob is called Bobas.

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Origin of the language

Lithuanian emerged in the Baltic regions.


History of the language

It is believed that Lithuanian originated in 1009 AD.

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Learning the language

For an English speaker, about 2100 hours are needed to learn Lithuanian.

How to say 10 popular words and phrases in the Lithuanian language

In today's world, although Lithuanians do learn other languages, they are still very proud of their language and place great value in knowing it perfectly. If you need content writing in Lithuanian, you might need a professional to help you out!

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fun facts

Fun facts about the Lithuanian language

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One of the least spoken languages in Europe

Although it is the oldest known language of Europe, Lithuanian is now one of the least spoken with only around 3 million active speakers.


The longest word

The longest word in Lithuanian is nebeprisikiškiakopūsteliaujantiesiems, which has 37 letters, and refers to a person who is no longer capable of picking a plant called ood sorrel.

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Similarity with Sanskrit

Sanskrit is an Indian language, and, yet oddly, it has many words that are similar to Lithuanian. Some examples arevyras (man) andavis (sheep).


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