Italian: The language with only 21 letters

Italian is a highly popular language; it is the 4th most studied language in the world, followed by French. Apart from Italy, the Italian language is also the official language of Vatican City, San Marino and Switzerland.


3 interesting facts about the Italian language

The Italian language is derived from Latin and, like Spanish and French, is a Romance language.
The Italian alphabet only has 21 letters unlike the 26-letter English alphabet; it excludes the letters j, w, k, x, and y.
The Italian language was popularized by the pre-Renaissance poet Dante Alighieri in his work The Divine Comedy.

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Origin of the language

Italian emerged in Central Tuscany.


History of the language

It is believed that Italian originated in the 13th century.

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Learning the language

An English speaker needs about 650 hours to learn Italian.

How to say 10 popular words and phrases in the Italian language

Italian borrows many words from other languages; for example, the word “cameo” which means a short appearance is an English word that the Italian language has adopted. If you need content writing in Italian, you might need a professional to help you out!

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fun facts

Fun facts about the Italian language

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The word “volt”

Alessandro Volta created the first electronic battery in 1799; the word “volt,” a measure of current, is derived from his name.


Many dialects

Standardized Italian has numerous regional dialects, and they can vary in sound and intelligibility.

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Literary language

Italian is referred to as a literary language; many Renaissance poems and books were penned by Italians.


Word Of Wisdom!

Three things remain with us from paradise: stars, flowers, and children.

Dante Alighieri

Poet and author


Word Of Wisdom!

To tell the truth is revolutionary.

Antonio Gramsci

Social critic, politician, philosopher and author


Word Of Wisdom!

Love is the crowning grace of humanity.


Poet and scholar

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