Greek: The language with the longest word

The Greek language is derived from the language spoken in Ancient Greece, although it bears marked differences. It is a unique language that doesn’t belong to any language family yet influenced the vocabulary of multiple world languages through the cultural influences of ancient times.


3 interesting facts about the Greek language

Greek is the official language of Greek and Cyprus; it has 13.5 million speakers worldwide.
English has many Greek-derived words; 12% of the English vocabulary has Greek roots.
Apart from Latin, Greek is the most common root language used in forming vocabulary in other languages.

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Origin of the language

Greek originated in the Balkan Peninsula and has been the spoken language of Greece for more than three millenniums. The Greek alphabet also has a storied history with written traditions over 3500 years old. Ancient Greek evolved into Koine Greek, or Hellenistic Greek, the lingua franca of Antiquity.


History of the language

The Greek language has an uninterrupted history in which the changes that occurred did not prompt the emergence of a new language. As a result, many linguists think Homeric Greek is closer to modern Greek than Middle English is to modern English.

Some of the world's most impressive literature was written in the 1st millennium BCE. The Greek language was used for the New Testament and early translations of the Old Testament. From Koine Greek, Medieval Greek evolved and was used in the Byzantine Empire. Finally, modern Greek emerged in the 11th century and is still spoken in modern Greece.

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Learning the language

An English speaker could need as many as 1100 hours to learn Greek.

How to say 10 popular words and phrases in the Greek language

If you said “thank you” in Ancient Greek, there is an excellent chance modern Greek speakers would understand. Learning the Greek language could be challenging for English speakers, but common phrases like “thank you” can be learned quickly. However, if you need content writing in Greek, you might need a professional to help you out!

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fun facts

Fun facts about the Greek language

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The longest word

The longest word in literature appeared in the Ancient Greek text, “Assembly of Women.” It is 189 characters long!


The letter "o"

Like German, Greek uses long compound words. However, in Greek, the letter "o" is used to connect words to form compound words.

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The ph phoneme

Almost every English word that contains the "ph" phoneme is derived from Greek, i.e., physics, philosophy, pharmacy, etc.


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