Czech: The language of tongue twisters

The Czech language is native to 10 million people and is the official language of the Czech Republic. The roots of this West Slavic language date back to the Early Middle Ages. Modern standardization was initiated after the Czech National Revival in the 19th century and was historically known as Bohemian.


3 interesting facts about the Czech language

The use of vowels in the Czech language is minimal which can often be complicated and confusing for foreigners.
Czech is the only official language containing the letter, or grapheme, “ř.” It does appear in other minor languages or dialects.
Czech is mutually intelligible with the Slovak language; at times, they are considered the same language.

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Origin of the language

The Czech language originates from regions of Bohemia, Moravia, and parts of Silesia. The first language records are found in Medieval Latin and German texts. Before the 16th century, the language was known as Old Czech. Early scripts used Glagolitic and later converted to Latin script.


History of the language

According to the first records of the Czech language, many literary works appeared in the 13th and 14th centuries. Czech orthography was standardized during the Bohemian Reformation in the late 15th century.

Differences between the Czech and Slovak languages became apparent after the 16th century. As the language of the Protestant aristocracy, Czech was endangered when the Habsburgs vanquished the Bohemian Revolt. Then, during the Czech National Revival, intellectuals advocated the return of the Czech language as a primary language of the Czech Republic.

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Learning the language

Learning Czech could require 1100 hours for an English Speaker.

How to say 10 popular words and phrases in the Czech language

The Czech language may seem like a tongue twister to foreigners. It has three dialects, namely Moravian, Bohemian, and Silesian. Estimates suggest English speakers need 1,100 hours to learn the language. If you need content writing in Czech, you might need a professional to help you out!

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fun facts

3 Fun facts about the Czech language

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Dreadful expressions

Some expressions take a dreadful tone. For example, a common expression meaning “to put pressure on somebody” literally means “to put a knife to someone’s throat.”


Foundation for the written form

The foundation for the written form of the Czech language was the dialect spoken in Prague.

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Influenced by multiple languages

The Czech language has been influenced by many languages, such as German, Latin, and Old Church Slavonic.


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To live without experiencing some shame and blushes of admiration would surely be a wretched life.

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