Armenian: A language with a unique writing system

The Armenian language dates back to ancient times, and while, number-wise, it has a relatively small following, it is still thriving. It is a unique language that differs from many others because it has 36 original letters.


3 interesting facts about the Armenian language

Approximately 6.7 million people worldwide speak the Armenian language; this is a relatively small number of speakers.
Armenian has its own alphabet system which has 36 original letters to which three letters were later added.
The Armenian language has a unique writing system with 31 consonants and 7 vowels.

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Origin of the language

The Armenian language originates from Anatolia in modern-day Turkey. It belongs to an Indo-European group that includes Slavic and Indo-Iranian languages. It is believed that the language originated during the second millennium BC. The Armenian language history started in 520 BC when Persian scripts mention Armina and Armaniya.


History of the language

The Christian Monk St. Mesrop Mashtots is believed to have created the Armenian alphabet with 36 symbols in 405 AD. The alphabet follows the Greek model and inspired some Greek letters. The language of the first translation of the Bible was called Grabar and became the standard for literature. The first Armenian publication Azdarar also used Grabar. However, from the Early Middle Ages, spoken language differed, and, by modern times, the modern standard language included spoken language to incorporate everything.

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Learning the language

It is estimated that an English speaker will need about 1,100 hours to learn Armenian.

How to say 10 popular words and phrases in the Armenian language

By some estimates, a native English speaker would need around 1,100 hours to learn Armenian. It will take much less to learn some common words and phrases like “freedom” or greetings like “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” in the Armenian language. However, if you need content writing in Armenian, you might need a professional to help you out!

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fun facts

Fun facts about the Armenian language

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Unlike the English language, Armenian does not have a strict word order. It is much more flexible.


Armenian is genuinely unique. It has its own root language and does not share inherent similarities with other languages.

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Armenian does not have gendered words. Only a few words attach consonants to indicate femininity.


Word Of Wisdom!

All over the world, and quite independently of each other, there is a growing wish for peace.

Zabel Yesayan

Novelist, Professor, Translator


Word Of Wisdom!

Wisdom, wisdom, and patience prevail over everything.

Hovhannaes Tumanyan

Poet, Writer, Activist


Word Of Wisdom!

Our language is flexible and barbaric, masculine and rough.

Yegishe Charents

Social Activist, Poet, Author

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