How we Hire Linguists

Hiring top-notch linguists can be challenging. Unless you've successfully done it thousands of times, as we have.
Leverage our expertise in recruiting the most proficient linguists across 30+ languages. Learn about our stringent hiring criteria and methodologies, and see why we're confident in the quality we deliver.

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To identify a suitable linguist, we assess these crucial skills

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Relevant Qualifications

Our ideal candidate possesses a strong educational background in journalism, emphasizing creative writing, or has studied linguistics, literature, communication, or translation. We value a well-rounded understanding of these disciplines, as they are crucial in fostering the skills necessary for effective and engaging communication across various mediums and contexts.

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Digital Competence

In our modern digital era, writers must be adept at using a range of digital tools and software for efficient content creation and document sharing. We seek writers who exhibit familiarity with diverse software, showcasing their ability to effectively utilize these tools for writing and document collaboration.

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Research Abilities

Great writers need to be good at researching topics and finding useful information to make their content interesting and informative. We test their research skills by giving them a task about a topic they might not know much about, to see how well they can gather related facts.

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Accuracy and Detail-Oriented Approach

It's essential for our writers to be thorough when it comes to reviewing and fine-tuning their work. By following a systematic method, they ensure that the content aligns with the client's vision. A keen eye for detail plays a crucial role in crafting flawless content, capturing the reader's interest and delivering an impactful message.

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Critical Thinking

Creating content can be tough sometimes, and we want our writers to be able to handle any challenges they face, change their approach for different audiences, and make sure their information is correct. We test their ability to think critically by asking them how they would deal with certain situations that might come up while making content.

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Here Is The Process We Follow When Hiring

All applicants provide a professional CV and portfolio to showcase their qualifications and prior work experience.
They undergo an interview with our Talent Acquisition Manager to assess their professional writing skills, attention to detail, research abilities, fast-learning aptitude, digital literacy, and critical thinking capabilities.
They complete a test task that involves using the given tools for future work. If the writer successfully completes the task, they are welcomed to our team! We also provide feedback on their work and corrections for future similar projects.

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