If there were an AI better than your applicants or ChatGPT, would you use it?

We understand how challenging it is to find a writer who excels in your field, produces top-quality SEO content, and fits within your budget.

Our AI aids in writing expert content, covering specific niches with a human-like quality that surpasses ChatGPT, all at an affordable price and within a short time frame.

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Writing Expert Content

We have developed a technology that conducts thorough web research across the Internet and selects only information that is relevant to your topic. In this way, you can take advantage of an AI that is an expert in any niche you desire.

Better than ChatGPT

Unlike the typical language models like ChatGPT, which give you an average content quality, our AI uses something called a "prompt chain." This adjusts the output automatically at every step of the writing process, making the quality of the content better

Human-like content

Most AI-generated content can often seem robotic. Our AI tool, on the other hand, closely mimics human writing. It tells engaging stories with simple sentences and adds a personal touch.


Hiring an expert freelance writer typically costs $50, which is 5 times more expensive than generating an article using our AI.

Our AI
Human SEO Writers
Other AI Tools
Minutes to hours
Our AI rapidly produces content, significantly reducing turnaround time.
Human writers require more time for research and writing.
Hours to Days
Other AI tools may be faster than humans but still slower than our AI.
5 EUR per article (Subscription model)
Affordable and transparent pricing without hidden costs.
Variable and often more expensive
Human writers fees can vary widely and are typically higher.
Lower rates but with hidden costs
Other AI tools may appear cheaper but often have additional fees.
Long-form Content
Easily handles 3000 word articles
Our AI is adept at producing in-depth, long-form content efficiently.
Can produce long-term content at own pace
Human writers can handle long-form content but may need more time.
Limited in the amount of words
Other AI tools often struggle with longer articles.
Reliance on ChatGPT
Not dependent on ChatGPT
Our AI is independently developed and constantly improving.
Not dependent on ChatGPT, sometimes use as an addition
Human writers may use AI tools as aids.
Highly dependent on ChatGPT
Other AI tools rely heavily on ChatGPT's framework
Instant & Unlimited
Our AI can scale up instantly to meet high demand without quality loss.
Limited by manpower
Human writers' output is limited by their number and capacity.
Moderate, often limited in word count
Other AI tools may have scalability issues, especially with word count.
Global Adaptability
Fluent in 24 languages
Our AI can produce content in multiple languages, broadening your reach.
Limited by language
Human writers are typically limited to a few languages.
Mostly limited to only English
Other AI tools are often not as versatile in language support.
Niche Expertise
Access to the knowledge of best experts
Our AI leverages extensive data to cover a wide range of niches expertly.
Have limited knowledge depending on the field
Human writers have expertise in specific areas but may not cover as wide a range.
Basic knowledge, often too obvious
Other AI tools may lack depth in niche-specific content.

How The Happy Beavers Solution Works

We improve AI writing by using a process that involves about 40 steps we call prompts. We pull in external data, standardize it, and feed it into the AI dynamically combined with a well-defined style adapted to 24 languages.


Our AI does a thorough web search on the topic, extracting the most relevant information from online sources. With this ability, our AI has access to a broad range of expert knowledge, letting us craft content that is not only SEO-optimized, but also tailored to specific niches and industries.


Once the data is prepared, it gets input into LLM and starts producing content, but with multiple prompt chains for enhancement. There is an automatic correction at each production step, assuring superior content quality.


Lastly, after the content has gone through multiple chains and is checked for quality assurance, a final version is produced, containing the most relevant information for your reader, ready to educate them!

But For You, This Is How Easy It Is

Input a topic

choose the language

choose a word count.

Receive a well-researched and detailed article within hours!

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