Writer and Document QA

Job Info

Technical Job Information

  • Job type: Freelance contract.

  • Engagement: Project-based.

  • Job model: Remote.

  • Salary: Hourly, Compensation based on skills and experience.

  • Business language: English.

What’s The Happy Beavers all about?

At The Happy Beavers, we are reshaping the world of content writing and translation. We use ChatGPT and other AI tools to create content in higher quality than AI tools or human writers usually can and offer that in an easy-to-use online shop. We can also write in the style of the client automatically. This concerns blog texts, social media posts, copywriting and others in multiple languages.

What we are looking for

We are looking for freelance Writers – who will take care of ongoing and urgent linguistic tasks for our clients.

We want to create a diverse language team of linguists. So if you are a speaker of Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Chinese, or any language, really, - we might have just the right project!

Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
Team Member

This is what you will be doing

Task Creation

Writing: You will be responsible for writing texts for various projects. Your main focus is to ensure that these texts align with the given topics and goals.

Meister Task

Document QA: You will do any necessary corrections to make sure that the texts are written in accordance to the project guidelines.

Improve Workload

Project guidelines could include:

  • Fact-checking;
  • Adding authority links;
  • Adding source links;
  • Localizing;
  • Adjusting styles and format.

Business Issue

Your Profile

You have practical experience in content writing and/or text QA;
You are fluent in English (Good English level is required, proficiency is preferred);
You demonstrate a strong command of the foundational concepts necessary for creating well-written content;
You are hard-working and dependable;
You have excellent time management skills and a sense of task ownership;
You are tech-savvy and communicative;
You can adjust your schedule on a demand-based model of work, which means that your workload varies from week to week;
You can work with strict instructions.
If you have a basic understanding of SEO copywriting it is a remarkable plus.

How the work is organized at The Happy Beavers?

The work of our linguists is managed through an online platform in which you can see your present task, with its deadline and all instructions. Work is submitted through the platform too. You will be in touch also with our Project Manager who will clarify any doubts that may arise.

What does the hiring process look like?

We will review your application against our job requirements once we have a suitable project for your language and expertise.
Once you are selected – you will be contacted by the Talent Acquisition Manager and introduced to the skill testing system.
If the testing goes well for you, you will have a short call to go over job details.
That’s it – you are in!
Benefits Include

Why choosing The Happy beavers is your best decision Ever?

Remote work - we don’t mind where you are, as long as you’re happy. Our teams are spread all over the world!
Competitive salary - we compensate our beavers accordingly and reward skills and experience.
Flexible hours – a night owl or an early bird, weekdays or weekends, it’s up to you, as long as we get to coordinate well!
Exciting projects that fit your skills and passion.

Are you ready to join us?

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