AI Content Editor (freelance)

Job Info

Technical Job Information

  • Job type: Permanent.

  • Engagement: Freelance

  • Job model: Remote.

  • Salary: Monthly.

  • Business language: English.

What's The Happy Beavers all about? 

Here at The Happy Beavers, we create amazing content using AI technologies. Combining human creativity and the power of digital resources, we craft captivating content that leaves a lasting impression on clients. We're fully remote, with team members spread all over the world. Join our visionary Beavers team and be part of the future of content creation.

What we are looking for

We are seeking a meticulous and skilled AI Content Editor with a keeneye for detail and a methodical approach to join our remote team atThe Happy Beavers. You can work quickly, with tight deadlines, whilestaying focused and attentive. You have good IT knowledge and caneasily recognize when something doesn't fit in the text. This is anexceptional opportunity to be part of a cutting-edge team focused onensuring the quality and formal compliance of AI-generated content.As our AI Content Editor, you will primarily focus on reviewing,editing, and validating documents created using AI technology,playing a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and standards ofour virtual content production.

Team Member
Team Member
Team Member
Team Member

This is what you will be doing

Task Creation

AI Document Analysis and Evaluation

Analyze and evaluate the quality and compliance of AI-generated documents even in languages you don't speak, meticulously comparing them against client requirements and our internal standards.

Meister Task

AI Text Editing

An important and large part of the job will be to edit the AI text to achieve the quality needed and compliance with the instructions given. Using AI tools, you will do this in any language.

Improve Workload

Quality Assurance and Compliance

Your unerring eye for detail, critical thinking skills, and unwavering dedication to perfection ensures that no error or non-compliance issue goes unnoticed, instilling confidence in the integrity of our content.

Business Issue

Your Profile

Proven experience (at least 2 years) in reviewing, editing, and analyzing written content, preferably in a compliance or quality assurance role
Previous experience in content writing or editing (any language)
Strong critical thinking, high speed of work, excellent IT knowledge
Exceptional eye for detail and the ability to identify inconsistencies or errors within complex documents
Ability to analyze AI-generated content against set standards and guidelines to ensure total conformity
Ability to handle multiple articles simultaneously and meet deadlines consistently.
Understanding of AI-generated content and the technologies involved would be a big plus
Excellent written communication skills to document findings and provide clear feedback as needed.

How the work is organized at The Happy Beavers

At The Happy Beavers, we pride ourselves on a rigorous and systematicworkflow. Our AI Content Editor, who are instrumental in ensuring thecompliance and quality of AI-generated documents, work withinwell-defined processes and guidelines. As a fully remote team,precision is paramount; we utilize specialized digital tools andregular check-ins to maintain consistency and accuracy. Our reviewershave the autonomy to apply their expertise in identifying andrectifying errors, but they always have the support of a team thatvalues precision and reliability. Diligence and adaptability arecentral to our approach, ensuring we meet and exceed clientrequirements and industry standards in the rapidly advancing field ofAI content creation.

What does the hiring process look like?

We will review your application against our job requirements. Please only apply if you have suitable QA experience.
Once selected, you will be asked to do a test task which can take up to one hour.
Two interviews will follow, where you will have the chance to showcase your skills.
That's it - you are in!
Benefits Include

Why choosing The Happy beavers is your best decision Ever?

Learning opportunities – We foster continuous learning and growth to enhance your skills and knowledge, especially in the field of AI
Exciting projects in a growing company where your voice counts – We love improving, and your contribution is always welcome.
Competitive salary – We compensate our beavers for their input to the company, rewarding skills and motivation.
Success-based bonus – Benefit directly from the company's growth.

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