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In traditional content writing, the writer has to do research about a subject, generate a list of keywords, do copywriting, and finish with editing or proofreading. With AI content, it’s 3x faster because our AI does all the time-consuming work, does not allow human mistakes, and makes instant corrections.

Here is how we create your AI content

Task Management


We start by using our AI program to download all the top results from Google. The program scans the internet for similar pieces, evaluates their quality, and studies the best results. It identifies all the main and subtopics that should be included in the writing, as well as any necessary keywords.

Task Management


Then we integrate this data into the latest version of ChatGPT that provides an outline for your future copy. With the previously developed prompts and criteria from the work of the best writers around, we produce high-quality content within a shorter time frame.

Task Management

Quality Assurance and Editing

At this point, your copy is already great but may need some language and style corrections. That’s where our AI-powered QA comes in, suggesting and implementing all the necessary changes to make your copy ready for instant publishing for as many redrafts as needed. Lastly, our top human writers can review the work and ensure that it closely matches the guidelines you provided.

For producing an accurate translation that sounds like it was written by an expert content writer, we also use a combination of AI tools that work with the given text output. Instead of simple machine translations, our AI makes suggestions and adapts the language of your translations as if they were originally written in your target language. Read more about translations here.

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How is our AI different from other content solutions?

Financing Management
Machine Accuracy for Superior Quality
The combination of several trained AI tools allows us to generate content that requires no post-edits and is ready for instant publishing. We run your content through multiple QA redrafts as needed, handing it over to you only when it closely matches your requirements.
Fast Turnaround
Unlike traditional content solutions, we've developed a process that integrates several AI tools seamlessly, allowing us to produce high quantities of content within minutes. You don’t need to spend time searching for an expert writer and waiting for days for their delivery.
Creative Strategy
Due to machine automation, we can provide you with high-quality results while letting you cut down on the costs of hiring a writer and paying them an hourly or per-word rate. Save your resources and still receive superior quality content.
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