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Building great content -- like a beaver builds a dam

How did it all Started?

Did you know that beavers are one of the largest rodents in the world and are known for their incredible engineering skills? They build lodges using twigs, branches, and mud to create a habitat that is both waterproof and comfortable.

However, beavers also face challenges in different parts of the world. In Estonia, for example, the cold winter climate can make it difficult for beavers to survive, which is why The HappyBeavers family was created to help one another in tough weather.

When and how were The Happy Beavers born?

In 2018, the main beaver, Luka Karsten Breitig, was working as a freelance writer on Upwork. He would spend long evenings and hours crafting copies that his clients admired. It was during this time that he realized there were more beavers out there who needed assistance with writing and translations. Then, he gathered a team, which eventually grew into a multinational company, including beavers from many parts of the world such as Portugal, Ukraine, Lithuania, and India. Regardless of our geographical locations, we support and collaborate with one another across the globe, creating outstanding content. As you may recall, while one beaver may be good at building a lodge, a team of driven beavers can construct dams that create entire wetlands, providing essential habitats for many species on Earth!

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What did The Happy Beavers become?

Starting from translations and writing on demand, The Happy Beavers has evolved into a streamlined automated platform with a human touch. Users can now easily order content writing, editing, proofreading, or translation services, just like shopping online, and receive immediate offers.

Our Mission

Join our amazing team

Measure twice and check once. In reality, we may even check content 7 times before handing in work as we want to be sure our clients receive our best results that we can deliver.

Luka, our CEO, is the lead beaver of our colony. He has a clear sense of direction and is always guiding us forward. His strategic thinking shapes our journey, ensuring we stay on the path to success.
Liliya is our quality inspector beaver. She carefully examines our work, making sure that every part of our dam - our product -is strong and well-crafted. Her dedication pushes us to do better.
Alina is our trusted guide, leading us through the ever-changing landscape of sales and marketing. With her expertise, she crafts materials and social media messages that genuinely touch the hearts of our audience.
Siji is our data interpreter beaver. He's an expert in understanding information and finding patterns. Just as a skilled navigator guides a ship on the right path, Siji guides us along the best routes based on his data insights.

Some words from our CEO

"We will build your content like a beaver builds its home: with care and persistence."
Luka Karsten Breitig
CEO of The Happy Beavers
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