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How did it all Start?

Beginning a new chapter in storytelling, we combine our own proprietary AI solution to create content with the detail and richness you'd expect from seasoned writers.

At The Happy Beavers, we're not merely adapting to the digital shift; we're leading the charge, shaping how content will be written tomorrow. With our innovative approach, we empower voices across the globe, elevating ideas with precision and making high-quality writing accessible in every language.

Our Core Values


AI is here to stay, so we integrate it into our daily work as much as possible.


We believe in remote work and have colleagues on four continents.


We believe in flexible working hours, everyone should decide themselves when they are most productive.


We believe in constant learning, so we give all colleagues the opportunities to grow.

Meet Our Pioneers - The Faces Behind The Innovation

Thanks to AI, we are one of the first companies that integrates both a human and an artificial workforce. We configure our own AI-based workers, give them a name and a face and have them cooperate with us on a daily basis to enhance our productivity. Meet them here!

Luka is the CEO leading the company on a strategic level and the driving force behind our product, as well as one of the leading Natural Language Programmers worldwide.
Being a skilled prompt engineer and an operations genius, she translates strategy into action and makes sure everything is being carried out as planned.
A talented and smart marketing specialist, our "special forces" for special tasks: We send Alina on regular marketing missions that require special skills.
A talented marketing all-rounder who pulls all the strings, from strategy to website. His hobby: problems, because he is just waiting to solve them.
Adept in python, machine learning and AI tools, he is the builder who makes our product constantly better and helps to fix what's broken.
He is a leading python and machine-learning expert having the knowledge of over 30 suitable university degrees, thanks to the AI model we built him with.

The Big Picture - Our Place in The World.

Storytelling connects us, and with AI, we're making it even better. We write stories that grab readers’ attention and add your own twist—a blend of perspectives and opinions to keep things fresh along with the expert knowledge in the industry.

Our team teaches AI what a great article should look like: clear, engaging, and full of knowledge. And no matter what language you speak, we're working hard to make sure you're reading something remarkable. We strive to make high-quality reading interesting and accessible for everyone, everywhere.

Our Story - A Journey Through Innovation

The Happy Beavers was born in 2018 in the kitchen of Luka, being a freelance linguist starting a language agency. Using his expert language skills, he quickly assembled a team that created content from small startups to multi-national brands like Google, Microsoft and Indeed.

After a few years, being an agency was not enough anymore, so he started to turn the company into a tech startup that would build an AI superior to the competition in the quality of writing. An AI that tells peoples’ stories better than they ever could. One that is going to reshape what we are going to read.

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